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Edgar Allan Poe


  Edgar Allan Poe born January 19,1809 in Boston,mass.

1811 December 8, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe's Mother Died in Richmond Va. A few            days later he was adopted by Mr and Mrs. John Allan of Richmond,Va.

1815 July 28. The Allans and their adopted son arrive in England.

1818-1820 Poe attends the Manor House School at Stoke Newingion,near London.

1820 July 21. The Allans and Poe arrive in New York.
        They reach Richmond on August 2 and reside wirh Charles Ellis,Allan's partner.

1821 They move to Fifth Street between Marshall and Clay.
        Poe attends the clarke School until December 1822.

1823 April 1. He enters William Burke's School.

1825 June 28. John Allan purchases a hound at Fith and Main Strees,Richmond.

1826 Febuary 14. Poe enters the University of Virginia,Charlottesville.
        December 15. The term ends,and John Allan removes Poe from the University.
1827 March 24. Poe leaves Richmond and goes to Boston,where he arrives on April 7.
       May 26. He enlists as a private in the U,S. Army under the name Edgar A. Perry          and is stationed at the Fort Independence in Boston Harbor.
       Tamerlane and other Poems is published in Boston,
       November 8-18. En route wirh his battery of artilery to Fort              Moultire,Charleston,S.C.

1828 December 11-15. En toute to Fortress Monroe,VA.
1829 January 1. He is promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major.
        Febuary 29. Frances Allan,Poe's Foster Mother dies in Richmond.
April 15.
        Poe is honorably Discharged from the Army and goes to Washington to seek               and appointment at West Point.
        Autumn. He stays in Baltimore,perhaps with his aunt,Mrs Maria Clemm,and her           daughter Virginia.
        December. Al Aaraaf,Tamerlane,and Minor Poems is published in Baltimore.

1830  June. At the U.S. Military Academy at West point N.Y.
1831  February 19. He leaves West point.
        April.(?) Poems by Edgar Allan Poe,Second Edition is Published in New York.
        Summer. He again takes up residence with his aunt Mrs.Cleemm,in Baltimore.
1832  The Philadelphia Saturday Courier publishes five of Poe's tails.

1833  October 12. His ms Found in a Bottle wins first place prize in a contest in the              Baltimore Saterday Visiter.

1834  March 27. John allan, Poe's wealthy Foster father dies in Richman,leaving Poe           nothing.
        I'm not really sure anyone knows the truth behind Mr. Allan's disinheritance.As           the rumors goes it is said that Mr. Allan > did not approve of Poe's liquor and             substance abuse. And that Poe and him argued a great deal and one of the               subject's was Poe was angry with his Foster Father for his many affairs with
        women while his Mother was ill.

1835  The southen Literary Messenger of Richmond published four of Poe's tails.
         August. Poe leaves Balto,pre amd goes to Richmond to become an assistant              editor of The Southern Literary Messenger.
         October 3. Mrs. Clemm and Virginia join him in Richmond.
1836   May 16. Poe marries Virginia,who is not yet fourteen years old( She was born            August 15,1822.)